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«Gradient» TRTO was founded in 2005. It was accredited by State Aviation Administration of Ukraine on August 25, 2005.

The idea of the training center was not accidental but was carefully planned and thought out. In 2006 the Department of Transportation adapted to the European Joint Aviation Requirements. Founders of the «Gradient» TRTO knew that it will change air traffic safety and air traffic control regulations, and also will bring new requirements for Pilot training.

«Gradient» TRTO is fully equipped for effective training. We have specially equipped classrooms, simulators, practical training base.

Today we offer classes for professional training of the pilots and supportive personnel for Ukrainian and foreign airline companies . We continiusly working on developing new courses for the pilots and flight attendants. For instance, we are the only one professional training center in Ukraine that offers professional development for flight attendants on Mil-8MTV.

«Gradient» TRTO continiuosly working on enhancing and improving the quality of its work. We are working on developing new classes, quality control improvement, and the Internet Resource design for interactive communication with partners and customers.

Citizens of Austria, China, Estonia, Georgia (Sakartvelo), Germany, India, Kongo, Latvia, Libya, Poland, Romania, Russia, South Korea, Sweden, Syria and Tajikistan passed trainings in «Gradient» TRTO.